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User Review: C 542 CD Player - NAD BEE 'stings so sweet'

April 24, 2007

Products: C 542 CD Player

This review is for a pair of NAD components. The 325BEE integrated amp and the C542 CD player. I bought both of them from Audio Systems Austin wanting a simple, no-frills... but musically sophisticated system to play back my TV, DVD's and mostly just CD's. I am using Tara Labs speaker cables and Tara Labs Air 3 interconnects connected to a flawless pair of JBL L-26's on 18" sand and lead filled Lovan 3 pillar stands. The system has surpassed my expectations and after 100 hours sounds so sweet and smooth, I can't imagine ever investing in another $20,000 high end system. I added a Dali suite 1.2 sub, and now listen to music more than I have in the past. A true 1-2 punch that gives you a taste of good as it gets audio playback without the otherworldly expense. I highly recommend these two components if you just want to get back to listening for enjoyment. There is absolutely nothing to complain about..and nothing is missing. Very nice indeed...you will be pleased!

George - Austin, Texas

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