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User Review: M55 Digital Disc Player - Gorgeous rendering of sound & video

April 21, 2007

Products: M55 Digital Disc Player

The M55 would be an excellent universal player at twice its price. Video picture quality is visually rich, nuanced & film-like. With a good audio system, movie soundtracks are convincing, dynamic and emotionally engaging. SACD music sound is articulate, multi-dimensional, beautiful, smooth. DVD-A is the best I've heard from that format in any player so far. Redbook CD, normally a weakness in universal disc players, is exceptional and would be noteworthy if this machine were just a standalone CD player at the same price -- though if you don't need video, the M5 is better still for music on CD & SACD. Build quality is far beyond anything NAD has attempted to date. The M series isn't out of place in 5 & 6 figure component A/V systems. The deck's user interface and remote are straightforward. The HDMI output works with my plasma display without any hiccups. Given the harsh depreciation of anything digital, the M55 is the right universal disc player for any rational sound purist.

Phil Ressler - Los Angeles

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