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User Review: L54 DVD Receiver - Versatility is unmatched

January 21, 2012

Products: L54 DVD Receiver

I got this one on a Clearance in late 2011 to attempt to do a multitude of things in a main 2.0 AV system without spending over $500. Mission accomplished. It has an on-board DVD, but I run my Blu Ray through its Coax input to handle Blu Ray/DVD duties. I run my Apple TV through another optical input, and my Comcast Cable box through an Optical input too. This effectively controls all of my modern equipment AND has a high-end CD player via its DVD/CD too. At 50 WPC it effectively drives two new B&W Floorstanders. I couldn't be happier for the money. One drawback is the remote - it's so difficult that it's ineffective, but that's okay, that's what System remotes are for. Great buy if you can still find one!

Ben Wallace - Illinois

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