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User Review: C 375BEE Integrated Amplifier, MDC DAC - C 375BEE and MDC DAC Kicks!

December 16, 2011

Products: C 375BEE Integrated Amplifier, MDC DAC

Well, looks like someone needs to get the testimonial feedback started. Here's my story ... I bought the C 375BEE to replace the 3240PE that had come to the end of its tether after 20+ years of reliable service. Great little unit. Read the C 375BEE reviews and loved the sound of NAD's signature build philosophy of simplicity and performance for the best value. All I was after was a replacement amp on par or better than the 3240PE that came with the luxury of remote control. I had no idea that I'd also bought upgrade flexibility. I didn't give the sales guy a chance to sing the praises of the C 375BEE. Walked in and said, "I'll have one of those .. now .. please." I built up a home theatre PC a few months after and while researching how to organise a piece of DAC hardware for the setup, I noticed a link to a NAD webpage and found the MDC. Was most impressed of the built in longevity of the amp. This was true bonus territory because I didn't have the expectation of this kind of flexibility. Because the DAC wasn't available readily in Australia I sourced one from the UK through the post. Very simple hardware install and the amp was cranking digital audio from the PC in no time flat. I can't comment on comparisons with other DACs out there in the market place but for the price of the NAD unit (where stand alone DACs can cost you a C 375BEE amp or 5!!) and the sound for my unsophisticated ears, the sound quality sent shivers of enjoyment down my spine and it just keeps delivering. Thumbs up too, for giving me the choice of USB or optical SPDIF input. Many thanks NAD. I think a bit of blind loyalty has paid off in my case.

astromo - Australia

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