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User Review: C 446 Digital Media Tuner - Beta Software...?

October 16, 2011

Products: C 446 Digital Media Tuner

Hi All, I have bought a C 446 yesterday. The overall quality of the device is superb. Sound-Quality is great (the AMP I use is a NAD3400 - old, but very good - and just refurbished...) Nevertheless, there are two points of criticism I want to address: 1st: DAB Antenna Design The shipped DAB Antenna is not usable when placing the device in a hifi rack. I will go and buy an additional antenna for DAB since I can't use the antenna provided (no space). An antenna with a flexible cable that can be added would be great 2nd: Internet Radio Flaws I have here a rather complex network infrastructure running ~100 nodes. I have two networks, one of which is for "private" use. This is where the NAD connects. I keep getting "action failed" error messages - with no possibility at all to do a retry / refresh. Sometimes a complete reboot of the system is necessary. In addition: If I add stations in the NAD Web Gui the stations are synched at some time - but i have not found out when they are updated. - A user triggerable refresh-possibility would be great Normally, all systems are proxied on the firewall (to keep the network load low). I have switched of the proxy for tests with the nad - but without proxy it's even worse. I have here a 40MBit/5MBit Internet connection with a routed WAN Network - so I think my networking infrastructure should meet the requirements of the NAD quite well :-) Kind Regards Tobias Goeller

Tobias Goeller - Switzerland

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