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User Review: 7175PE Stereo Receiver - 25 Years Old and Still Amazing!

September 4, 2011

Products: 7175PE Stereo Receiver

I purchased the 7175PE Stereo Receiver in 1986 as I finished my masters in Computer Science at Clemson University. I had a pair of B&O 4 ohm speakers. I tried this model along with a Rotel receiver. NAD blew the Rotel out of the water. The sound is simply awesome. Later I purchased an A/D/S subwoofer, I used the pre-amp out to the sub and then back to the main in. Using the crossover in the sub produced amazing sound. The audio was better than systems costing thousands. I still have the B&O speakers, the 7175PE, and a new sub. Still amazing sound, the only loss (not really) is no remote. NAD skips bells and whistles and focuses on sound quality which is the reason I love NAD. It's the audio quality - always with NAD! In 1986 other brands had remotes, NAD chose not to for the commitment to the sound, fewer circits to introduce distortion. Only after the market forced them to introduce a remote, NAD did so. A recent revew on the best high end audio named the NAD 7175PE their pick of the week. They said if you can find one on eBay you can get a high end receiver for about 200 dollars. Based on the years of excellent service from mine, I'd agree. I believe an equivalent receiver from NAD is around 12 hundred dollars, the equivalent integrated amp is 800 dollars (then you have to buy a phono pre-amp). Thank you NAD for designing and building such quality at an affordable price!

Bill Hollis - Boulder, Colorado

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7175PE Stereo Receiver

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