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WHF 5 star review C 545BEE CD Player

February 18, 2009

NAD C 545BEE CD Player

March 2009


The NAD C 545BEE CD Player received a stunningly positive Five-Star review in What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision.


NAD C 545BEE CD Player "The C 545BEE is a brilliant player for the money. The resident class leaders should be worried " - NAD C 545BEE CD Player, What Hi fi? Sound and Vision, Jan. 2009

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2010-05-13 05:42
Mr D Buckley - Birmingham, England

As with most NAD products the sound it produces is exceptional, but this will not last long till it goes wrong. At first it decided to switch it self off all be it at the end of a CD, then as the weeks past it decided at first to only play the CD's it liked and switch it self off at any time, then it would not switch on at all. After it was repaired it lasted 5 weeks befor it went wrong again, same problem would not switch on, at this point i recived a replacement CD player from the retailer i bought it off. This lasted realy well for a NAD product at whole 12 weeks befor it to decided to start its old tricks of not switching on again, this was sent for repair and now 4 weeks later i am about to recive it back.

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