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Truly Net Review NAD D 1050 USB DAC

September 27, 2013

DAC headphone amplifier

In a detailed review of the D 1050 USB DAC, it's clear Truly Net reviewer Greg knows how big of a difference digital-to-analogue converters can make for lossless music. On the D 1050's sound quality he comments, "the NAD D 1050 adds its own flair and flavor, which we tended to like, especially on groove and soul tracks."

He also said, "NAD has worked some wonders here, bringing some expensive components and solid circuitry into a fairly small and remarkably inexpensive box," in talking about the development of the NAD Digital Series. But it's in the convenient volume controls that Greg found love; "really convenient volume control, which was a nice balance between the classic solidity of the receivers and amps that your father used and the more modern look and feel."


Read the full review here.

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