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The Most Well-Rounded iPhone Dock Ever Heard

April 27, 2012

Fully Digital iPod Music SystemSound and Vision, one of North America's leading magazines for your favourite home theatre, audio, video and multimedia reviews, uncovers an "all-around winner for anyone who wants a sound system" in their latest review of NAD's room-filling, heart-pounding NAD VISO 1. Brent Butterworth, and Sound & Vision's editorial staff, couldn't hold their breath any longer on this NAD VISO 1 review, so let's have a look at what today's audio experts think about NAD's latest all-in-one digital system!

"The NAD VISO 1 is the most well-rounded iPhone dock I’ve heard to date. Its clear, neutral sound, solid bass output, room-filling power and simple operation make it an all-around winner for anyone who wants a sound system that’s as simple as possible yet still delivers satisfying sound."

"Because its dynamic capabilities are greater than those of the other docks, it not only gave me a fuller sound with more bass, it also gave me less distortion, so the sounds of the vocals, guitars, and violins were clearer."

"...the NAD VISO 1 delivered what I’ve long wanted but never previously experienced with a speaker dock: the ability to portray an orchestra with some hint of the sonic majesty you hear in a concert hall."

"It was just clean, neutral sound, as smooth on the voices as it was on the guitars, keyboards, and drums — and with none of the distortion and ragged response I usually hear from a speaker dock."

"Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, although with the NAD VISO 1 the latter are hard to find."


For Brent Butterworth's full online review on Sound and Vision, click here.

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