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SoundStage Hi-Fi Editors Choose NAD C 390DD

February 21, 2013

Best digital Amplifier

In their latest Reviewers' Choice review, SoundStage! Hi-Fi editor Colin Smith abandons all other hi-fi favourites for the most sophisticated integrated amplifier in its price class, the NAD C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier. Often referred to as "the little brother" to the NAD M2 Direct Digital Amplifier, this one-of-a-kind Direct Digital amplifier is quickly making a name for itself. Even creating its own class all together, as Smith mentions in his comprehensive review of NAD's answer for digital audiophiles.

"If I had to use only one word to describe my first impression of the C 390DD, it would be power. Actually, make that POWER."

"I’m not just talking about its ability to play loud -- with 150W of continuous power, the C 390DD could play very loud indeed -- but rather about the muscle apparent even at lower volumes, when the music contained hefty bass and deep impacts."

"Listening to music through the NAD was a lot like seeing HDTV for the first time: a marvelous hearing of the familiar world through a pristine pair of new ears. I’ve written before about hearing “into” music, but, oh man, not like this."

"When I cranked up the volume with no signal present, I heard nothing -- nothing in the background, no white noise competing with the music I was trying to hear."

"The C 390DD isn’t an integrated amplifier with a built-in DAC; it’s much more sophisticated than that. It’s likely the most sophisticated amplifier available at its price."


For the full C 390DD review on SoundStage! Hi-Fi, click here.

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