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Outstanding NAD C 446 Review in The Absolute Sound

May 1, 2012

The Absolute Sound, one of today's most respected audio magazines presented by AVGuide.com, jumps into the world of music streaming with NAD's C 446 Digital Media Tuner. Giving high praise to this very uncommon music player, Neil Gader explains how this digital media player from NAD "saved his tuner" in TAS's latest publication and review available on newsstands now.

Digital Music Streaming Player

"Turning to tuner performance, channel selectivity was very good and noise was minimal on all but the weakest stations."

"I was more than impressed with the immediacy and smooth, almost buttery musicality of the C 446...it threw a wide and vivid soundstage, with solid dimensionality, nicely resolved images, accurate timbre, and a spirited sense of air and hall ambience."

"But of all the tools in the C 446's digital arsenal, wireless is the star. It's performance was nothing short of startling over my home network. Startling in this context is that wireless has come to mean more than merely unwired convenience. It's become a performer."

"Visually, the C 446 is definitely NAD—minimalist, elegant and carefully laid out for ease of setup and control."

"The C 446 Digital Media Tuner is a rewarding component that fills a critical gap seen in many audio systems today. Straddling two worlds, it's something old and something new from a company that seems to intuit a market's sweet spot. The NAD is a welcome addition in a rapidly changing audio landscape."


For TAS's full C 446 Digital Media Tuner review, click here.

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