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NAD VISO 1 Five Day Trial Equals Five-Star Review

December 16, 2011

NAD VISO 1 - What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Five-Star Review The world's leading magazine covering everything in home cinema and hi-fi, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, hand the NAD VISO 1 Wireless Digital Music System a maximum score of five-stars, and a point-and-case verdict as "a bold and brilliant newcomer to the dock class" in a lead test three-page feature-review. After five, unbelievable days with the NAD VISO 1, the honourable test scores below can be found in the latest edition of What H-Fi? Sound and Vision available on newsstand this week across the UK and Érie.

DAY 1: In hi-fi, weight is normally regarded as an indication of quality: it's a brave company that chooses to do different. But NAD is light - so light that we almost dropped it when we first took it from its box. Note, we said "almost"...

DAY 2: It might be light, but the NAD's sound is amazingly heavy. From the off, and despite only a moderate amount of running-in, it's clear that the VISO 1's limits are far higher than you'd think. It goes seriously loud.

DAY 3: Playing with the various features a little more throws up some unexpected treats. The aptX Bluetooth works really well, but even 'regular' Bluetooth listening is OK.

DAY 4: Seems odd feeding 24-bit/96kHz into an iPod dock, but it works pretty well. It isn't as remarkable a sonic leap forward as you might expect, because regular file formats sound.

DAY 5: Head-to-head time: the VISO 1 goes up against the Geneva Model M. Interesting results: the VISO 1 goes louder and has bigger bass, but the Geneva sounds crisper. Which approach you prefer is probably a matter of taste.

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Five-Star Review


Smooth, cohesive and hugely powerful sound; extensive specification; fine looks


Very little, save that it doesn't include AirPlay support, unlike some rivals


A bold and brilliant newcomer to the dock class, the VISO 1 is an all-round success


For a small online version of the review on What Hi-Fi?, click here.

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Comments (2)

2011-12-17 00:41
Mario Soto - Mexico

Hola, para aquellos que buscan escuchar un sonido espectacular lleno de detalles, recomiendo ampliamente este amplificador, les comento que estuve buscando aproximadamente 4 meses un amplificador en estéreo que llenara mis espectativas, acudí a decénas de tiendas de audio y realicé múltiples pruebas con distintas marcas de amplificadores y al final compré el NAD 316 BEE, en mi opinión, supera a muchos amplificadores mucho más caros y de marcas muy reconocidas, a mi gusto, el NAD 316 BEE, obtuvo la mejor calificación en su rango, se los recomiendo ampliameente y si tienen dudas, les sugiero probarlo las veces quje quieran en tienda, lo comparen con otras marcas de amplificadores y se darán cuenta al final que habrán quedado enamorados del desempeño de este amplificador.-Saludos.

2011-12-16 14:30
Enrique - Cape Town, South Africa

Received my NAD VISO 1 today, and I'm VERY impressed with the quality of sound! Money well spent... This little dock delivers a big punch!

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