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December 3, 2006

AudioReview n°273 (Nov. 2006), the most important Italian audio magazine.

Test NAD C 325BEE Integrated Amplifier - by F. Mingolla (some translated excerpts)


"...the first target of this device is its attention grabbing sound quality, affordable price and some features good for younger users. (the C 325BEE) after 30 years is the meeting point between different generations of audiophiles. The novelties include an iPod input and some technical improvements resulting from the Masters Series development. The C 325BEE is perfectly in line with NAD tradition. In dynamic mode the C 325BEE reaches unusual limits for this kind of amp. In musical conditions, this little amp leaves much more expensive competitors behind. Like the Volkswagen Golf, Stars Wars and Harry Potter sagas, NAD has made an umpteenth good sounding amplifier without prejudice against non-audiophile people; and is looking for a new market of music lovers rather than only chic listeners. (The C 325BEE is) fun to use, very good sounding and has a very good price/quality ratio. The sound of the C 325BEE stuns immediately because of its authority in the lower range, powerful and deep, the same as a big amp, sincerely unexpected in the price category of this product. This NAD can create strong emotions easily inside medium sized rooms caused by its enormous powerdrive and big dynamic reserves. At the end of the listening session, I choose a Forcione/Sciubba duet (Meet me in London, Naim label CD). In this way, I can enjoy a very high level of listening, with a very real vibrant, tactile acoustic guitar, an open sound, and Sabina Sciubba's wonderful voice."


5 Stars is 5 stars no matter what language. Translated excerpts from STEREO September 2006 (Germany)

C325BEE-Stereo-Integrated-Amplifier".. There is hardly another integrated amplifier in the sub €500 class which has been constructed in such a precise and detailed manner and which is so consistent and of such high quality."

"Taking account of the wealth of features, the new C 325BEE could quite justifiably cost €100 more."

"As far as a traditional comparison is concerned, the C 325BEE is so much better than its predecessor, we were quite speechless. The new amp is so much more consistent and mature that you could say that only now has this product line reached adulthood."

"NAD proves it again—good hi-fi doesn't have to be expensive! The C 325BEE sounds like a really grown up amplifier and offers far more than the necessary features."

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