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Five Stars for NAD T 787 from Home Theater

July 5, 2012

Home theater - AV Receiver 5 star review


Widely described as "the best-sounding receiver" ever heard, and named one of Home Theater's Top Picks, Michael Fremer from Home Theater magazine raves about NAD's powerful, seven-channel T 787 AV Surround Sound Receiver in this five-star review, which proves that superior sound quality, innovative MDC, and elegant simplicity are worth every penny.

"It's a rare receiver that invites you, almost makes you, crank it up for extra enjoyment."

"With the T 787, NAD takes a stand for superior sound quality over gadgetry and design elegance over bells and whistles."

"Let's just say that between the easy-to-access (once you know where it is!) GUI and the generously sized, properly illuminated remote control, configuring and using the T 787 is a pleasure."

"Combine the T 787's superior sonics with its ease of use, and the $4,000 price tag begins to make as much sense as does music played through it."

"Overall, the NAD T 787 is the best-sounding A/V receiver I've yet heard."


Home theater - AV Receiver 5 star review

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