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DAC 1 Delivers in Hi-Fi Choice Review

February 29, 2012

DAC 1 Wireless USB DAC

In their latest review, Hi-Fi Choice, one of Britian's leading audio publications and guides for today's audio enthusiasts, simply plug in NAD's DAC 1 Wireless USB DAC transmitter into their computer (and the receiver into their hi-fi system) for a "simple solution as one could imagine" to stream digital music in uncompromised quality! With wireless hi-fi taking off in recent years, audio editors and listeners alike have debated its functionality and purpose, so let's hear what Hi-Fi Choice has to say about going back-to-back with this DAC!

"...connect the transmitter to a USB socket on your home computer (any of the usual flavours) and connect up to the DAC itself to your hi-fi via either analogue or digital (electrical) connection, and off you go."

"We've installed various bits of USB hi-fi over the years, but this was the quickest and easiest of the lot, running within seconds of connection on both PC and Mac computers..."

"No access codes to enter, no 'visibility' to set, nothing. If all wireless connections were this simple the world would be a better place."

"...Mac rate conversion is noticeably higher quality, subjectively and objectively, and enabled us to become quite enthusiastic about the sound."

"It actually compares very well, at best, with CD players of the £500 variety, producing sound that's clear, detailed, lively and with particularly excellent bass weight and extension. In short, it delivers what it promises."


For a full online version of Hi-Fi Choice's DAC 1 review, click here.

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