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10 Audio Reviews C 165BEE Stereo Preamplifier

April 24, 2010

C165 Pre-Amplifier

10 Audio, today's trusted online source built for audiophiles by audiophiles with over thirty years of experience in audio, breaks out their collection of LPs to test out NAD's C 165BEE Stereo Preamplifier in their latest vinyl-studded review. The audiophiles over at 10Audio.com discovered some "truly high-end sound" with this stereo preamplifier but lets dig a little deeper to hear more from these audio experts!

"The C 165BEE, with a phono signal/noise spec of -78dB and gain of 62dB, can handle moving coil cartridges with outputs as low as about 0.3mV"

"Headphone listeners are well taken care of, too. With an output of 7V into 600 Ohms and 2V into 32 Ohms, and a THD of 0.005%, you can rock well into the wee hours without disturbing anyone."

"The sound is evenly balanced from the low bass to the upper treble, with only minor deviations in the octave-to-octave tonal balance."

"The NAD preamplifier has excellent lateral focus, presenting precise locations of musicians left-to-right between the speakers."

"From the midrange to the mid- and upper-treble, the NAD preamplifier is very clear and grain-free."

"It threatens the standing of many preamps in the $2,000 to $7,000 range (none of which are perfect, either), offering comparable overall performance levels and providing features that many listeners require."


For 10 Audio's full C 165BEE Stereo Preamplifier review on 10Audio.com, click here.

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