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NAD M52 Digital Music Vault

Hold Up to 18,000 songs in 24/96 FLAC

M52 Digital Music Vault - Front

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Masters Digital Music Suite

Best Buy DAC - The-Ear.netPossessing exact copies of the Studio Master recordings has been an Audiophile dream since the beginning of high–fidelity playback. With HD downloads becoming more common, it is possible for anyone who loves music to hear the exact copy of the Studio Master recording. Now High Definition wireless music listening, streaming, storage and playback can be found in NAD's perfectly coordinated suite of high performance components. This is a complete solution that does not require a computer. These are noise-free components that offer state-of-the-art digital performance.

Until now, the only way to download and store these precious recordings has required the use of a computer. Computers are designed as business machines and are not built for audio performance. With the Masters Digital Music Suite, NAD introduces a new way to enjoy HD music downloads.

M52 Digital Music Vault

Finally, there is a safe and convenient way to store your music files! Anyone with a computer knows that Hard Disc Drives can fail without warning, often destroying all the precious data stored. If you have spent many hours creating your music collection from CDs and downloads, the prospect of losing all that hard work and value, plus starting all over again is simply unthinkable.

As part of our Masters Digital Music Suite, the M52 Digital Music Vault provides enterprise-level protection for your valuable 24/96 music collection. Using a Redundant Array of Independent Discs (RAID 5) technology, the M52's three hard disc drives (HDD) make it nearly impossible to damage your music. Front panel LED indicators display the status of the HDDs, and alert you if there is an HDD failure. Even if a disc drive fails, you won't lose data in this self-healing system. Simply replace the drive, and the system automatically reconfigures itself.

Inside the rugged steel chassis resides an ultra-low noise 3x 1TB (Terabyte) HDD array. Special low RPM media drives run cool and completely quiet. Unlike HDDs made for general computing, the M52 drives do not require fans for cooling. Engineered to suppress vibration, the chassis also looks and feels like the high-end, high-performing audio component it is. The M52 even has an energy-saving program to reduce energy consumption, yet still allows for fast wakeup. With its convenient size and sleek design, the M52 Digital Music Vault can happily reside in the listening room next to our M50 Digital Music Player and our mighty M2 Direct Digital DAC/Amplifier, or M51 Direct Digital DAC, for the most advanced high-definition digital music playback. This Masters Series Digital Suite represents true digital innovation.


Song capacity* of 2 Terabyte RAID 5 Array


*Actual song capacity varies by content, encoding method and bit rate.

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