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NAD C 542 CD Player

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C542 CD Player

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Finishes black Available finishes may be limited by location.

The C 542 replaces NAD's venerable C541i. With the worldwide acclaim and numerous awards for outstanding performance and value, it is fair to ask why NAD would "mess with success". But NAD has never rested on its laurels; rather, development is ongoing at the NAD Lab and new models are launched when we feel a significant improvement has been achieved. Such is the case with the C 542. The cosmetics of the C 542 were refined to remain consistent with our emerging line of components as well as the addition of minor conveniences on the remote control. But making improvements to the performance of the C 542 would prove to be a major challenge as the first generation 541i was already so good. Several minor changes and upgrades were made in the overall circuitry and digital to analogue processing. It was the combined effect of these refinements that resulted in a dramatic difference at the output stage. Now a depth and clarity not previously achieved is evident during every passage of music. With perfect timbre and timing, matched with improved low frequency extension, the entire experience is more emotional and lucid.

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