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NAD C 525BEE CD Player

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C525BEE CD Player

Finishes black titanium Available finishes may be limited by location.

The C 521BEE was one of the best selling CD Players in NAD's illustrious history with several 5 Star reviews and awards adding to its fame. So it is understandable that we didn't want to make major changes to such a successful design. But the engineers at NAD are always looking to add that last little bit of performance. To this end we found a few subtle but important improvements.

Significantly, the C 525BEE is lead-free in its construction and meets the strictest environmental standards in effect around the world. NAD's engineers also have fine tuned the circuit that reads and tracks the CD to improve performance with the latest copy-protected and hybrid CDs. Finally, we improved the audio performance by upgrading the OP Amp to lower distortion and improve musicality and detail.

While some people will gladly spend to get that last gram of musical pleasure, for the vast majority of music lovers the C 525BEE offers that sweet spot where spending less gets a lot less, and spending more gets only a small incremental improvement.

As always, sonic performance is the first priority at NAD. We think that even the most critical music listeners will appreciate the fluid dynamics, spacious sound, and refined harmonic textures the C 525BEE is able to extract from their favourite performances on Compact Disc. Whether your musical taste leans toward the expansive majesty of a full symphony orchestra, the driving beat and raw energy of rock, or the warm intimacy of the a cappella voice, the C 525BEE never gets in the way of the musical expression.

C 525BEE CD Player Features

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