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Ventilation Notice

November 7, 2006

Important Advice for C 272/C 372 Owners

We have seen a small number of filter capacitor failures in the C 372/C 272 that we would like to bring to your attention. It is very important to ensure clear airflow around the unit and that it not be installed in close proximity to a shelf or has anything standing on top that impedes heat dissipation through the vents in the top cover. This includes avoiding having another unit standing on top and if so this must be avoided from now on. In extreme cases where air flow is not sufficient main filter capacitors can overheat and blow open. This can also result in a flash and smoke and in some cases the top cover paint melts. This can be alarming as there is an electrical burning smell. In all cases to date, the safety measures built into NAD products have contained the damage to the unit itself.

We would like to state that this unit is the top of the range and is a very powerful amplifier. All amplifiers generate heat and the more powerful they are the more heat that needs to be dissipated. We would also suggest that consumers should switch the amplifier off on the front panel when not in use. It allows the unit to totally cool down and additionally it saves on electricity usage.

All units contain installation and operating warnings so we would recommend that consumers read the complete instruction manual from cover to cover.

One additional note: this failure is typically not covered by warranty as these units fail due to incorrect installation and the cost to repair any units that fail will exceed the cost of a new one.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please contact your exclusive NAD distributor in your country.

NAD Electronics

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