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VISO wins design award

March 17, 2008

NAD Electronics, has been awarded the prestigious international 2008 reddot award in the product design category for its new VISO FIVE DVD/CD Surround Sound Receiver and VISO TWO DVD/CD Receiver.

The VISO FIVE and VISO TWO are honoured with the reddot design award for their creativity, high quality product standards and innovative design. The reddot 24 member jury of noted design experts from around the world faced a tough challenge as this year's competition attracted 3,203 products from 51 nations vying for the coveted reddot award.

The award will be presented in a formal ceremony June 23 in the Aalto Theatre, Essen Opera House, Essen, Germany where more than 1000 international guests from the fields of design, the arts, business and politics will gather. The VISO FIVE and VISO TWO will then join other winning products in the "design on stage" exhibition at the reddot design museum on the premises of the Zeche Zollverein World Cultural Heritage Site, June 24 to July 27, 2008. The museum houses the world's largest permanent exhibition of contemporary design products.

At their introduction earlier this year, NAD Director of Product Development, Greg Stidsen, noted that "The VISO FIVE and VISO TWO are as much about Industrial Design as about state-of-the-art audio and video performance. The visual language of VISO conveys both sculptural precision and refined elegance making a strong design statement. These products have a positive visual presence that simply demands attention!"

The Reddot Competition

"While in the past design has for many American entrepreneurs been a means to an end, more and more are now realizing that they have to pursue a premium strategy in order to be internationally competitive in the long run," says expert Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the reddot design award, explaining this development. "Design awareness appears to be changing. Apple has successfully led the way, but now other interested companies follow suit." "Receiving an international honour, such as the reddot award, he noted, is an important indicator of whether a product has the potential to succeed internationally.

Products submitted to the reddot design award are assessed by an international jury of renowned design experts. They examine and test the products according to such criteria as degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, longevity, ecological compatibility, and clarity of function.

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