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Record Store Day 2013 with Jack White

April 10, 2013


On Satuday, April 20th, join us in celebrating one of our most anticipated annual holidays, Record Store Day. The Record Store Day folks appointed Jack White, the highly respected American musician and songwriter, as "Record Store Day Ambassador" who gives a comedic tour of United Record Pressing in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. White also delivered a testimonial in which he pleads with the masses to "wake up" to the long-lasting beauty of record shops, off-screen art, and real face-to-face interaction, in this call for change:

The world hasn't stopped moving. Out there, people are still talking to each other face-to-face, exchanging ideas and turning each other on. Art houses are showing films, people are drinking coffee and telling tall tales, women and men are confusing each other and record stores are selling discs full of soul that you haven’t felt yet. So why do we choose to hide in our caves and settle for replication? We know better. We should at least. We need to re-educate ourselves about human interaction and the difference between downloading a track on a computer and talking to other people in person and getting turned onto music that you can hold in your hands and share with others.

So like Jack White, join the NAD Team and more than 700 independently owned record stores across North America and internationally to celebrate this year's sixth annual Record Store Day, a single day dedicated to record stores coming together with artists to celebrate the art of music.


To find a participating record stores, download the official Record Store Day app and more, click here.

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2013-05-08 16:14
Peter - DK

Mr. Jack White who wears black is so right in his statement. I see it everyday looking at the youth - and i`m thinking - it wasn`t like that in the eightees when I was young. Let`s make it hot/in again (the new black) and re-educate ourselves about human interaction.

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