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NAD in Stereophile Recommended Components

March 25, 2014

recommended NAD components

Stereophile has published its 2014 Recommended Components in their April Issue and feature not one, not two, but five NAD Electronics products chosen by Stereophile editors. All the top-rated audio products are here, including everything from the editor's favourite turntables to the newest players for your digital music. Still Stereophile editors vote for NAD every year and continue to recognize their latest digital designs, like the M51 Direct Digital DAC and M50 Digital Music Player.

Recommended CD Players

CLASS-C: C 516BEE CD Player

"For the money, I don't think you"ll find a better CD player."

Read the review here.

CLASS-K: M50 Digital Music Player

No review available. 

Recommended Digital Processors

CLASS-A+: M51 Direct Digital DAC

"Wonderfully detailed and revealing sound."

Read the review here.

Recommended Surround Sound Components

CLASS-B: T 187 Surround Sound Preamp Processor

"Even if it doesn't do everything possible, the NAD T 187 does everything right."

Read the review here.

Recommended Integrated Amplifiers & Receivers

CLASS-C: D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier

"Right now, NAD's D 3020 is the best bargain in all of hi-fi."

Read the review here.

CLASS-C: C 316BEE Integrated Stereo Amplifier

"A rich, forceful overall presentation and an impressive ability to follow complex musical passages."

Read the review here.


Read all of the Stereophile Recommended Components here.

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