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NAD Receives Prestigious Hi-Res Audio Designation from Japan Audio Society

May 4, 2016

HIGH END 2016, Munich, Germany, May 4, 2016 – NAD Electronics, a leading manufacturer of premium home audio and video products, announced today that select NAD Masters, Classic, Theatre and Digital Series models are now high-resolution audio certified. All models meet or exceed the rigorous standards for HRA systems set out by the Japan Audio Society (JAS) and the US Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Hi-res audio compatible playback devices are capable of reproducing frequency and dynamic ranges from better-than-CD quality music sources.

“We’re honoured that NAD has been recognized with this stamp of quality as a leader in high-resolution audio,” said Greg Stidsen, NAD Director of Technology and Product Planning. “We create audio products to satisfy the most critical audiophiles and music lovers, letting listeners hear all the musical nuances and improved fidelity from today’s finest high-resolution recordings and lossless digital formats.”

NAD Electronics’ premium range of hi-res audio compatible products includes an array of award-winning digital and stereo amplifiers, home theatre receivers, and other network audio components:

NAD Masters Series: M12 Digital Preamp DAC, M17 AV Surround Sound Preamp Processor, M22 Stereo Power Amplifier, and M27 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier.

NAD Digital Series: D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier and D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier.

NAD Classic Series: C 316BEE, C 326BEE, C 356BEE, C 375BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifiers, C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier, and C 510 Direct Digital Preamp DAC.

NAD Theatre Series: T 748, T 758, T 777 and T 787 A/V Surround Sound Receivers.

In 2014, the Consumer Technology Association and the Digital Entertainment Group and The Recording Academy®, in partnership with the three major music labels, announced that high-resolution audio is defined as “lossless audio that is capable of reproducing the full range of sound from recordings that have been mastered from better than CD quality music sources.” In addition, hi-res audio file formats include FLAC, ALAC, WAV and AIFF, and typically use a higher sampling rate than CDs (16-bit/44.1kHz) of 96kHz or 192kHz at 24-bit.

“We are pleased to license the Hi-Res Audio (HRA) logo developed and administrated by Japan Audio Society (JAS) to NAD Electronics,” said Ryoji Menjo, Chairman of JAS. “We, at JAS, are acting to advance hi-res audio together with JAS member companies. It is a very important milestone to honour NAD with the coveted HRA logo, as one of the leading manufacturers in hi-res audio.”

At HIGH END 2016, NAD’s latest advancements in hi-res audio will be on display from May 5-8 in Atrium 3.1, Booth C112 at MOC Munich where NAD will also be introducing two new NAD Masters models, the M32 Direct Digital Amplifier and M50.2 Digital Music Player. Read the news release here.

Press Contacts:

Peter Hoagland
North American Media Relations, Bluesound

Richard Stevenson
International Media Relations, Bluesound

About NAD Electronics

Sold in over 80 countries, NAD Electronics is renowned worldwide for its range of innovative class-leading audio and video consumer electronics. Every NAD product is designed and manufactured with the determination to put “Music First” reproducing sound that is authentic, accurate, and detailed. When it comes to performance, NAD emphasises quality over quantity, putting heart and soul into the inside—where it counts. And where you can hear it. NAD believes that the real point of home audio equipment is the enjoyment of involving, lifelike sound and that the qualities central to creating this are performance, simplicity, innovation, and value.

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