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NAD Electronics Celebrate 40th Anniversary

October 13, 2012



History of Innovation Driven by a Love of Music and an Eye on the Future


Pickering, Ontario - January 1, 2012 – NAD Electronics, one of the world's leading high fidelity component manufacturers, is celebrating 40 years of delivering audio components to discriminating music lovers. From the very beginning, NAD Electronics was destined to become an uncommon company. Specialty retail dealers and distributors met in 1972 to conceive of a new brand that would make products that they, and their like-minded customers, actually wanted to own. These products would be affordable and above all, they would offer musical integrity. NAD quickly became an icon for audio enthusiasts and now enjoys an international network that covers 80 worldwide markets.

Originally known as "New Acoustic Dimension", NAD Electronics changed the hi-fi industry in a remarkable way with the introduction of a modest looking, budget hi-fi component in 1976. The NAD 3020 redefined high-end audio performance and its cost. This small but mighty integrated amplifier, rated at only 20 watts per channel, went toe-to-toe with the most expensive amps of the day. Designed by Norwegian-born engineer, Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, who remains NAD's Director of Advanced Development, the NAD 3020 proved that putting a bit of heart and soul into a design could yield better sound quality, even on a budget. The NAD 3020 is recognized as one of the best–selling audio products of all time and millions of high fidelity seekers have since built their first high performance stereo systems with NAD.

Like Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, NAD's original CEO and company founder, Martin Borish, maintains an active role with the NAD organization to this day. "NAD and music have always gone hand-in-hand and one of the reasons why we're still around after all these years is because we recognize that the product that counts is music. It's not amplifiers, it's not tuners, it's not CD players. It's music," says Borish of NAD putting heart and soul you can hear into its products. "That's our product. And that's why we're still going strong. There have been so many times in the long history of this company where we have faced tough challenges, but NAD is not like every other company. This company is special."

In the past 40 years, NAD has seen several dramatic technology shifts that have made it difficult for many small to mid-sized audio manufacturers to stay in business. NAD faced down these technical challenges by staying true to its core values of simplicity, performance, value, and most importantly, innovation. NAD's proprietary breakthroughs like Soft Clipping, Power Envelope, PowerDrive, Modular Design Construction, and Direct Digital, have allowed NAD to be a technological leader delivering great value for the money.

The company's most recent technologies have helped position NAD as an innovator in digital audio, the core of which is the Direct Digital technology platform. The result of 10 years of research and collaboration, Direct Digital was first introduced in the Masters Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier, and like many NAD innovations, is now being developed in other NAD products. It is a highly scalable approach to digital amplification that allows for less powerful variants while maintaining similar performance attributes. The company's best example of trickling down Direct Digital technology is the NAD VISO 1 Wireless Digital Music System at one-tenth the cost of the M2. The NAD VISO 1 is the first in a suite of new products that coincide with NAD's 40th Anniversary celebration, and promise to introduce the NAD brand to a new generation of hi-fi seeking digital natives, just as the NAD 3020 did in the 70s.

In celebration of NAD's 40th Anniversary, the company will launch new digital media products that will exceed the expectations of the "online and streamed" music world and build on its heritage of budget performance amplifiers. As NAD looks forward to the next 40 years, the company will ensure every NAD musical innovation and system solution will have heart and soul you can hear.

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2014-05-24 14:28
Martin Skipworth - Dorset

well, well well Marty! Still going strong!
Worked for you at your Finchley HQ circa 1981 - 82!
Best wishes.

2013-12-31 04:58
Tobias - Sweden

I'm huge NAD fan!
I'm currently feeding my speaker with bridged watts from a C372 & C272.
Other NAD amplifiers in my collection is of course the #1 classic 3020 and the 304, 310, 319, C 340 and the 208THX.

2012-11-01 15:07
Mike - Oklahoma

I really like NAD. I hope there is something special to be done on the 40th year. A special version of the VISO Five with some 3D HDMI inputs would be terrific. That's about all it needs to make an already good product great. I'm still holding out for a T-757 (again) since I bought and returned one thinking it had a problem. I love the simple on screen display that greatly simplifies using the receiver. Great job on the ease of use! I toot NAD's horn every chance I get. I have owned my 7000 Monitor Series Stereo Receiver since 1989 and still love it. Thanks for your design approach.

2012-10-25 16:38
James - Chicago

Live long and prosper NAD... I will do my part in helping you along.

Now have the c375bee, c426, and c565bee...

Have had.. C272, c275, c165, c422, c425, c541i, c545...

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