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Editors Choice 07

September 25, 2007

Power Amplifiers Under $1000

NAD C 272 Stereo Power Amplifier

Every Few years, we encounter certain NAD products that seem to have that extra ounce of sonic magic, and the C 272 is one of them. At 150Wpc, it offers the current needed to handle difficult speaker loads, and sounds more powerful then its specifications would suggest, with good resolution, three-dimensionality, and overall warmth and robustness on most types of music. Review by CM, Issue 148



Integrated Amplifiers Under $1000

NAD C 320BEE / C 325BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifiers

Product of the year'02

Like one of the most amazing ten-dollar wines that leave you wondering "Why spend more?" the 50Wpc C 320BEE offers such a strong taste of high end that you might be tempted to think it doesn't get better then this. It does, of course, but you'll have to spend at least a grand before the difference is worth it. Review by WG, Issue 140

Integrated Amplifiers $2000-3000

NAD Masters Series M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier

Bristling with oomph, this pure dual-mono design boasts build-quality that sames some tonier brands. With 180Wpc on reserve, it conveys an easy-going neutrality and cushiony refinement. Bass is as controlled and extended as any integrated NG has encountered. The M3 may not have quite the air and bloom in the treble of the premium-spread uberamps, but it comes scary close. Review by NG, Issue 163

Stereo Receivers & All-In-One Systems

NAD C 720BEE Stereo Receiver

Heir to the classic 7020 receiver, the C 720BEE represents NAD's no-frills, no-nonsence philosophy—in this case, 50Wpc of rich midrange and noise-free, glitch-free performance. A solid and sensitive tuner makes it appealing for radio junkies, too... this is one honey of a BEE. Review by NG, Issue 167

Preamplifier under $1000

NAD C 162 Stereo Preamplifier

Following other NAD products, the C 162 delivers plenty of resolution and three-dimensionality while drawing out the natural worth and expressiveness of instruments and voices. To get the most from it, try matching it with the companion C 272 amplifier via a set of quality interconnects. [The C 162] also has a good phonostage; some listeners may buy it for this reason alone. Review by CM, Issue 148

Digital Sources Under $1000

NAD C 525BEE CD Player

The C 525BEE disc player is good sounding but a tad rough ergonomically. Where it counts, however, the player is very well executed, with improved optical tracking circuitry and a 20 bit Burr-Brown DAC chosen for low-level linearity and high resolution of detail. Review by BW, Issue 169

Digital Sources Under $1000

NAD's C 542 CD Player

The C 542 CD Player delivers a warm, easy and open sound, though it is slightly rough around the edges and a bit forward in perspective. Given the NAD's overall musicality and value, these flaws are hardly a distraction. Review by WG, Issue 137

Digital Sources $1000-$2000

NAD Masters Series M55 Digital Disc Player

NAD's M55 universal player offers first-rate video performance (thanks to Faroudja processing) and sound quality that takes NAD's traditional house sound to much higher levels then ever before by offering dramatically increased levels of resolution, transient speed, definition, and three-dimensionality. The player performs equally well with CDs and high-resolution discs, and is a compelling value for the money. Review by CM / TM, Issue 174

NAD AV system

Muti Channel Controllers 1000-$3000

NAD Masters Series M15 Surround Sound Preamplifier

NAD's Masters Series M15 7.1-channel AV controller is beautifully made and imbued with smooth highs, a natural open-sounding midrange, and robust well-defined bass. It also offers great resolution and textural finesse. Plus more three-dimensional soundstaging than its NAD predecessors.

Muti Channel Amplifiers $999-$3000

NAD T 973 Seven Channel Power Amplifier

Enjoying modular monoblock architecture, the seven-channel T973 outputs a generous, easygoing 140Wpc solid power reserves, superior bass definition, a warm upper treble continue the NAD tradition of audio excitement tempered with refinement and understatement. Review by NG, TPV Issue 54

Muti Channel Amplifiers $999-$3000

NAD Masters Series M25 7-Channel Amplifier

Like the other Masters Series components, the 160Wpc, solid-state, 7-channel M25 amplifier takes NAD's traditional house sound to new heights with a presentation that combines equal parts resolution, poise, and sheer dynamic swagger. Those who favor a hyper-detailed sound might initially find the M25 too laidback, but we think it hits the sweet spot between vividness and easy going accuracy Review by NG, Issue 173

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