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EH Product of the Year

October 4, 2006

Electronic House

Products Of The Year Awards 2006

NAD Electronics' Masters Series was developed as a complete system comprising three separate components. The M15 Surround Preamp Processor, M25 160-watt by seven-channel Power Amplifier, and M55 Universal DVD player bear the same distinctive industrial design. The M15 and M25 are THX Ultra II Certified. The M55 disc player is compatible with standard CDs and DVDs, as well as SACD and DVD-A discs. The Masters Series remote controller integrates operation of all three components into one handset.

cool because

It offers a solid balance of high-end performance, value and style.

the nitty gritt

  • Has HDMI compatibility.
  • Comes with remote inputs/outputs, programmable 12V triggers and an RS-232 port.
  • Offers second audio/video zone capability with independent remote control.
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