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NAD Digital Series—Advanced Digital Engineering

DAC Headphone amp Airtunes amplifier

NAD D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier

Music Streaming Amplifier with AirPlay and aptX Bluetooth

If you have a computer or smartphone running iTunes, and a home Wi-Fi network, just add the D 7050 and your favorite speakers. You'll now have a state-of-the-art audio system in a stylish and compact package that fits anywhere in your home or apartment. Wireless access is universal as the D 7050 also supports Bluetooth aptX for point-to-point streaming without a network. The D 7050 combines NAD's most advanced digital platform, the Direct Digital technology first introduced in our $6,000 award-winning Masters Series M2 amplifier, with Apple's AirPlay Wi-Fi streaming technology to create the ultimate plug 'n play solution for wireless music in your home. Learn More >

NAD D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier

21st Century 3020 with aptX Bluetooth

NAD rewrote the rules for amplifiers by redesigning the classic 3020 for the real world; instead of allowing laboratory test equipment to have the last word, we made sure that we could properly drive real speakers with real music. The result of this real world approach was an amplifier that had less cost and more sound. Today, the source is more likely to be a computer or a smartphone then a turntable, but the ability to choose speakers that perfectly suit your taste is still a compelling argument for upgrading to an NAD amplifier. The D 3020 starts with the original NAD concept and takes it straight to the 21st century using the latest high-speed digital technology. Learn More >


Computer Audio for HD digital

The NAD D 1050 USB DAC is the best way to add high-defintion digital audio to your component hi-fi system. Both the digital and the analogue circuits are highly optimized and based on techniques developed over 40 years of NAD audio engineering excellence. The digital inputs cater to many different digital sources. SPDIF inputs support balanced AES/EBU, coaxial and optical connectors. The USB input is very special; its asynchronous operation mode uses the D 1050’s high-precision clock to control the output of the connected USB device for the lowest possible jitter. Learn More >

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