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Frequently Asked Questions

We at NAD believe that strong customer service is an essential ingredient to having completely satisfied customers. Providing answers to your questions in a timely fashion is a very important part of meeting this objective. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and we hope that one of these questions addresses your concern and provides you with the answers that you need. However, if you cannot find the answer to your concern here please sign up to our Support Center and ask us your question directly. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Table of Contents

General Questions about NAD and its products

Changing / Upgrading Products

CD / DVD Questions

Remote Questions

Amplifier Questions

Turntable / Tuner Questions

Receiver Questions


General Questions about NAD and its products

Q: How do I contact NAD Electronics with a question?

A: If your question does not appear on the FAQ page, please sign up to our Customer Service Support Centre and ask your question there.

Q: Where can I buy NAD?

A: If you live in Canada, the United States or the UK, our zip code/postal code-based dealer locator will help you find your nearest NAD dealer(s). When you insert the zip code/postal code you want to search, and include the search radius you want, the contact information of the dealer(s) that are in that area will appear. If you are in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America or elsewhere, please check our international list of distributors, which you will find on the Web at: www.NADelectronics.com/distributors

Click on the country at the top of the page in which you live. (If your country is not listed, we do not currently have a distributor there.) The distributor can then provide you the name(s) and location(s) of your nearest dealer(s).


Q: Are NAD products available directly from the manufacturer?

A:Our products are available only through authorized distributors and retailers, not directly.

Q: How can I find a local NAD dealer?

A: Please check the "dealers" section of the web site to find the NAD Distributor in your country, which can provide you with a local dealer. In United States, Canada or the UK.

Q: Are NAD products available online or by mail order?

A:Buying NAD Electronics from an authorized NAD Dealer ensures that you get the full value from your investment. Only an Authorized NAD Dealer can guarantee that you are buying the right NAD equipment.

If you live in a city or town that does not have an Authorized NAD Dealer, use our Dealer Locator to find the dealer closest to you, or call the NAD Distributor in your country for advice on Authorized Online NAD Dealer. We will connect you with a dealer that can best serve your needs.

Be aware that Unauthorized sellers often sell open box demonstration products or refurbished units as "new" to unsuspecting customers. Or worse, unscrupulous merchants strip off or replace serial numbers of "gray market" or even stolen goods to hide their true origin. These goods are not covered by any manufacturer's warranty. You are on your own with these orphaned products.

Q: Where can I find information on earlier NAD products?

A: We maintain an extensive archive of fact sheets on earlier NAD products. Information on most of them (though not all) is available on our Product Support page: http://nadelectronics.com/product-archive

Most of the listings of products on the above page do not provide original prices, nor can we either provide those prices or estimate the present market value of discontinued products. If the product on which you are seeking information is not shown on the above page, we do not have information to offer on it.

Q: Do you also provide manuals for earlier products?

A: While PDF's of almost all current products are available archived product pages, we can not provide manuals for all earlier models on our web site, because of the tremendous amount of space involved and because we do not have manuals for all prior models. Nor can we email these manuals.

It may be possible to obtain a copy of a prior manual - at a charge - from the distributor for your country. Please contact the distributor for your country, as listed on the distributors page.

Q: Why don't you provide prices for NAD products on the web site?

A: As NADelectronics.com is an international site, it is simply not practical for us to post and keep track of prices for the 60 countries in which our equipment is currently sold. In some parts of the world, it is actually illegal to post suggested prices.

Q: Can a product bought in one country be serviced under warranty in another?

A: NAD, like other consumer electronics companies, does not have an International Warranty. Central to this is the need to have specific warranties that apply to each country's consumer laws, and also the need to create geographical service centers that give complete coverage of every country. In order to do this efficiently, each distributor is responsible for providing warranty. The cost of warranty is borne by the distributor and therefore the margin to do any service lies with the country that sells the product.

Q: Is warranty transferable from person to person?

A: No, warranty is not transferable from person to person. You will therefore not have any warranty on a unit purchased from another private party, say for example, on eBay.

Q: What speakers would you recommend?

A: While NAD does not endorse any particular speaker brand, our parent company owns a Canadian line of speakers called PSB Speakers (www.psbspeakers.com - Music and Home theatre Loudspeakers ) which has a wide variety of price points. These speakers compliment the line of NAD products beautifully. We encourage you to check the web site and see the "Home Theater" section that provides a variety of Home Theater System suggestions.

PSB Speakers Home Theater Links:

PSB Speakers Home Theater Speakers

Q: Where do I get my unit serviced?
Q: How do I obtain parts for my NAD unit?
Q: Where can I purchase a remote control for my NAD unit?

A: To find a local service centre, and to order parts, including remote controls, please contact the NAD Distributor in your country, who can provide you with this information. Go to the "dealers" section on the web site and look up your country. In North America please call please call 1-800-263-4641 (United States), or 1-800-263-4666 (Canada).

Q: Can I purchase the schematics for my NAD unit?

A: We do not normally provide schematics, however, it MAY be possible to purchase service manual/schematics from our distributor for NAD electronics in your country. To locate your distributor, please check the NAD web site under the "dealers" section and contact the NAD Distributor in your country.

Q: Is it okay to leave my NAD units in Standby?

A: It is fine to leave your units in standby for a short period of time. However, should you be going away for an extended period of time, they should be powered off.


Changing / Upgrading Products

Q: Can I convert the NAD product I own, or intend to buy, for use elsewhere in the world at a different voltage and frequency?

A: It may be possible to convert current NAD models, at a cost, by a technician at the destination country. However, this must be verified with your destination country's distributor as found at: nadelectronics.com/distributors

Q: What is Bi-amping?

A: Bi-amping is when two amplifiers are used to drive one speaker. The speaker must have the facility to be bi-amplified; having one set of terminal posts for the mid-range/tweeter speaker(s) and a second set for the bass speaker(s). Bi-amping will give you improved sound.

Q: What is Bridging?

A: Bridging a suitable NAD amplifier converts it from stereo to mono use, and triples the rated power output for this use. It is important that any two bridged amplifiers to be used together in a stereo system be as close to identical as possible with the other. Bridged amplifiers tend to sound "big" and smooth with an "atmospheric" presentation.

Q: What cables do you recommend?

A: NAD does not endorse any particular brand of cables. Contact your dealer for this information.

Q: I need assistance in setting up my NAD equipment.

A: Please contact the NAD Dealer where you purchased your products.


CD / DVD Questions

Q: Are your DVD players multi-regional?

A: No, our players are not multi-regional By international copyright law, DVD players can be sold set only for the region in which they are to be used.

Q: Can I use a CD cleaning disc on my CD player?

A: No, we do not recommend this as it will destroy the laser heads. Any cleaning that needs to be done to a CD/DVD player should only be done by a qualified service centre.

Q: Why is my DVD player showing a 'no disc' error message?

A: The 'no disc' message will show on DVD+/-R if they are not compatible. If that is not the case for you, it means that there is a problem within the unit and you should have your player evaluated by an authorized NAD service centre.

Q: When will NAD come out with Blu-Ray player?

A: Please see our Blu-ray players page

Q: Red Transit Screw

A: Although it may be indicated in your owner's manual that your CD player came with a red transit screw in place, we are no longer shipping our CD players with this transit screw.


Remote Questions

Q: What are the NAD code numbers for my universal remote?

A: The code numbers for universal remotes are chosen by the manufacturer of the remote. Please contact them for this information.

Q: Will the remote from my integrated amplifier control my DVD player?

A: No, it will not. Your remote may control your NAD CD player, or your NAD tuner, but it will not control any DVD players.

Q: I want one remote to control all my units. What would you suggest?

A: We would suggest our own Universal remote, the HTR 3 Remote. The HTR 2 feature list includes:

  • Controls up to 8 Devices
  • Preprogrammed with all NAD remote commands
  • Learning function
  • Learns up to 352 commands

It will also control older NAD units with remote capability.

Q: When I change the batteries in my HTR 2, will I lose my programming?

A: No, changing the batteries will not cause you to lose the programming.

Q: How can I make the batteries in my HTR 2 last longer?

A: An ideal way to make the batteries last longer is to turn off the backlighting. The HTR2 user manual will have instructions on how to do it. Also, use alkaline batteries please! We have found that they tend to last longer.

Q: How do I learn commands into the HTR 2?

A: You have to learn the codes into the HTR 2 from your original remotes. The only way to learn commands without the original remote is through the HTR 2 PC Interface kit, which is available through our dealers/distributors. Using the interface you can download remote codes from websites such as www.remotecentral.com and use them with the HTR 2. However, if you have the original remote, it would be quicker just to learn it in yourself. Please consult the owner's manual for an explanation of how to learn remote codes into your HTR2. If you need additional help, please contact your dealer where you purchased your remote for assistance.


Amplifier Questions

Q: What connectors can be used on my integrated amplifier's binding posts?

A: Our binding posts will accept 4 mm banana plugs or 6 mm spade connectors. The banana plug goes straight into the back of the binding post. Screw the binding post in all the way, and then plug in the banana plugs. It may be that there is a blocking plastic over the back of the binding post, which may need to be removed.

Q: What size amplifier should I get for my speakers?

A: Generally speaking, the power of the amplifier should match the power of the speakers. It's just a guideline, but if you increase the power of the amplifier beyond the rating of the speaker, the speaker could be damaged. An under powered amplifier is also a problem. If the power amp clips because it is pushed too hard, the speakers can be damaged. These are two extremes...10 to 20 percent above or below the power amplifier rating is okay.

Q: What kind of cable do I need to attach the 12V trigger on my integrated amplifier to the 12V trigger on my DVD player?

A: You require a 3.5mm mono jack cable available at electronic stores.


Turntable / Tuner Questions

Q: How do I connect a turntable to my NAD units?

A: To connect a turntable to any NAD unit, (with the exception of the 160/162) you will need a phono pre-amp, our PP2. The PP2 phono pre-amp is a simple and inexpensive way to add high-performance phono capability to a pre-amp or integrated amp with spare line input.

With the PP2, all turntables are made compatible with the amps. There are two different types of turntables: moving coil and moving magnet. You have to know what type you're buying, and set the PP2 accordingly.

Q: Does the C555 require an earthing wire?

A: Due to the internal wiring arrangements of the tone arm it is not necessary to have Earthing Wire.


Receiver Questions

Q: How do I adjust the time in my L53/L73?

A: Press and hold to set the internal clock, ON/OFF timer, and display of the clock's time. A red "clock face" will appear in the florescent display when the timer is activated. Use the "MEMORY" keys to toggle between the hours and minutes. There are two timers, one for when the L53/L73 powers on, the other for when the unit powers off; these too are programmed in the same way as above.

Q: How can I connect my iPod to my NAD receiver?

A: You will need to buy a 3.5mm ended to a RCA stereo cable from an electronics store. Hook up via the audio 3.5mm out to the receiver audio in. Also, if your NAD Receiver has a "data port" on it you can buy a /NAD IPD-2 Dock for iPod

Q: Are the cooling fans supposed to be running all the time on my receiver?

A: For the T743, the fans are temperature dependant. With the T753, T763 and the T773, the fans run continuously.

Q: How do I control my receiver from Zone 2?

A: In order to control the receiver from the room you've designated as Zone 2, you will need to purchase an IR repeater, (we recommend the Xantech unit, with the exception of the Dinky Link model which does NOT work well with our units.....www.xantech.com). The IR repeater has to be plugged into the ' IR in ' of the T7XX. Without the IR repeater, you do need line of sight. Please note that you would need a power amplifier in Zone 2 in order to power your speakers from that zone. Connect at 'ms out'. Also note that Speaker B is NOT second zone, it is merely the same thing you hear for your main zone, but in stereo. The second zone allows you to listen to a different source than the main zone.

Q: Is there volume control on Zone 2?

A: There IS volume control on Zone 2. However, if you are having trouble controlling the volume, you need to go into the OSD menu and change zone settings so that the zone control volume is 'VARIABLE' and not 'FIXED'.

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