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Buying tips for NAD equipment

Today's rapidly changing audio-video world leaves a buyer with many decisions and questions. Here are facts we think may be useful:


Our distributors determine warranty for NAD Electronics components in their own country. Please note that our manufacturer's warranty applies only to units purchased from AUTHORIZED NAD dealers only. Warranty is NOT transferable from person to person and is only valid in the country where the units are purchased. You will also need to keep your original bill of sale to be eligible.

There are many reasons why the warranty is not transferable across country borders; primarily the warranty is based on the fact that with electrical goods there are individual local safety requirements, regulations, conditions and trade practices that need to be met. We would agree that this can cause difficulty when consumers move countries, but on an individual basis we have helped customers with an introduction to their "new" local distributor and in most cases we have been able to facilitate a happy outcome. Ideally we would not like to see any customer needing warranty service but the best service is provided by the local distributor or by the local authorised dealer as they can personally help you.


We carefully select NAD Authorized Dealers to provide you with more than just a great product. When you shop at your local NAD Authorized Dealer, your requirements are taken seriously. Highly experienced and knowledgeable sales advisors are there to help you get the best equipment for your specific needs, avoiding costly mistakes and the inconvenience the "endless search" for satisfaction.

Choosing the right equipment is just the beginning. As audio and video systems become more complex, correct installation and proper set-up and operation are essential to getting the performance you paid for. A good retailer, one that understands your needs, and is factory trained to fully understand the functionality of the equipment, is an invaluable asset that can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars and many hours of frustration. "Getting it right the first time" and making sure that you are getting the full measure of sound and performance from your NAD components are at the core of the NAD dealer philosophy.

While specific services offered vary from dealer to dealer, you can feel confident that when you purchase your equipment from an Authorized NAD Dealer you are dealing with people that have invested in your local community and are dedicated to earning your long-term business. Customer satisfaction is after all, not just about price, it is also about buying the right equipment and getting after-the-sale service should you ever have a question or a problem. It is all about returning to a shop that remembers who you are, and truly values your business.


Would you like music in every room of your home, seamlessly integrated into your décor? Or how about a dedicated media room, with picture and sound that easily exceed the high standards of your local Multiplex Cinema? Or even a customized home management system that integrates lighting, heating and cooling, audio and video, all under electronic control, giving you more time to enjoy your family and friends? All this, and more, is possible and available from a custom installing dealer. The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) is a professional organization that is foremost in this field. To learn more click here.


Buying NAD Electronics from an authorized NAD Dealer ensures that you get the full value from your investment. Only an Authorized NAD Dealer can guarantee that you are buying the right NAD equipment.

If you live in a city or town in North America that does not have an Authorized NAD Dealer, use our Dealer Locator to find the dealer closest to you, or call our toll-free number for advice on a North American Authorized Online NAD Dealer. We will connect you with a dealer that can best serve your needs.

Be aware that Unauthorized sellers often sell open box demonstration products or refurbished units as "new" to unsuspecting customers. Or worse, unscrupulous merchants strip off or replace serial numbers of "gray market" or even stolen goods to hide their true origin. These goods are not covered by any manufacturer's warranty. You are on your own with these orphaned products.

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