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Hi-Fi That Rocked

June 12, 2006

Hi-Fi Choice
May 2006

NAD 3020
Integrated Amplifier


#2 in the history of Hi-Fi... Not bad.


There are things no budget amplifier is supposed to do. Like sounding better then products costing ten times as much, driving difficult high-end hi-fi speakers, or being so musical that people use extremely expensive turntables to show its potential. The original NAD 3020 did all this.... and more.

On the surface, it had little going for it. It was from a small, unknown manufacturer, it wasn't exactly pretty and it delivered an anemic 20 watts per channel, at a time when every big name brand was making sleek, skinny and large products that could deliver much more power—on paper at least. No one seemed to care that the pursuit of power was often at the expense of sound quality.

Then the 3020 hit the streets. The dark, warm sound was a paragon of natural-sounding musicality. So what if it was a bit blurry round the edges and didn't have pin-point imagery? It always sounded and performed bigger then it had any right to. Every other amplifier manufacturer had to rethink its plans after the NAD 3020 and we are still reaping the rewards today.

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2013-04-02 17:40
Jefferson Ricardo Lopes - Brasil

Since 1988 - in the past secule - it is THE amplifier . With a Thorens TD-126 MKii and Thorens 4 ohms speakers is playing very fine. For a upgrade, an old tube receiver HK TA-260 from 1961 ..

2012-09-04 11:46
geoffey savig

This trully is a magnificent design. Its simplicity, yet its unbelievable capabilities for this beautiful machine have provided me with many hours of pleasure. Agreeing wwith Brett. To never selling this beast as I was lucky enough to pick this up. Love it!

2011-09-22 02:36
Brett - Cape Town

Oh Yeah !
I would most Def ,rate this amp for its accurate,musical,PUNCHY sound!
I was blessed and got the Nad 3020 passed down to me from my Girlfriends father,what a pleasure !
Apparently it had rocked ''many House partys'' for years and had NEVER let anyone down!

Im now using it in the Studio,to run passive monitors(speakers)
I would NEVER sell this Beast
Do yourself a favour,and get your claws on one of these : )))))))

2011-06-04 18:45
Brett - London

Yes i would agree with all that. Nad 3020 is the best amp iv'e had for " low power " jobs. I'm running it with a kenwood ge800 eq + 2 Wharfdale Glendale xp2s spkrs + 2 Samsung ps - 050 spkrs, all 40 watt max rms. I am getting the best most powerful punchy sound that i have ever got from a hi fi all for £125 + quality spkr wire + quality sony cd. Sometimes you cant beat the old bits of kit, this is one of them times.
Brett in London

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