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TAS Product of the Year - C 326BEE Integrated Amplifier

December 3, 2010

Budget Component of the Year


The Absolute Sound 2010 budget product of the year

NAD keeps giving its BEE's more sting. A recent replacement for the C 325, the C 326BEE Integrated Amplifier packs 50Wpc and picks up the pace and timing with upgraded circuitry. The Warmer spectral balance makes for a full-bodied and slightly darker midrange. Dynamics are plentiful; musical details are well defined; and transient speed is lively. Like all NAD amps in recent memory the C 326BEE employed PowerDrive technology and seems conservatively rated as if, like fairy dust, some additional wattage had been sprinkled over the final design. This allows NAD amplifiers to play big, with near-effortless dynamics - like an amp roughly 50% larger in output. The result is an uncommon grip on music's natural timbres and midbass weight. It's also got a front-panel input for media player gizmos, a remote control, and a handy subwoofer output if you decide to augment your speakers down the road.

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Comments (2)

2011-02-28 22:33
marius - ontario,canada

i was seriously considering giving nad products a third chance,being's had nad equipment in the past,and shortly after both purchases the both failed to operate,was going to purchase a [c326 bee] integrated amplifier,after seeing that these are problematic as well i think i will spend my hard earned dollars elswhere, thanks but nothanks.

2011-01-16 09:03
Xolani - Durban RSA

Im 40yrs old,ever since I laid my uncle's NAD,Im hoping to own one piece one day

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