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TAS Editors Choice Awards 2011

May 31, 2011

The Absolute Sound, the well-renowned magazine for audiophiles, rewards NAD with a total of six Editors' Choice Awards in select categories. This pile of awards bolsters our reputation for high-performance, high-quality products for music lovers. And it sets us apart as one of the most decorated brands by TAS for 2011! Here's our full list of awards:

Integrated Amplifiers Under $1000
NAD C315BEE and C326BEE
$349 and $499

"The entry-level C315 is still the go-to amp for audiophile newbies who crave sonic neutrality, good power output, nice tactile feel, and NAD's characteristic quality-control. Looking for a little more oomph? The 50 Wpc C325 will make BEElievers of even the most jaded audiophiles."
C315 reviewed by WG, Issue 140; C 325 reviewed by NG, Issue 183



"The 80Wpc C356BEE borrows technologies from NAD's Master Series M3 dual-mono integrated. It's tonal balance leans slightly to the darker side, bringing a bit of extra wood to strings and burnish to brass. The soundstage is large, with a good sense of air around instruments, and a nice sense of depth. "
Reviewed by WG, Issue 210.

Integrated Amplifiers $3000 and Above

"Five years in development, the innovative M2 is a "digital" amplifier in the true sense of that word. It takes in PCM data (up to 192kHz/24-bit) and converts it to a pulse-width-modulated signal that turns the output transistors on and off. The signal path has no digital filter, no DAC, no analog gain stages, no analog volume control, no preamplifier, and no interconnects. The M2, which functions like an integrated amplifier in practice, sounds remarkable, with tremendous dynamics, extremely low noise, richly textured and defined bass, and three-dimensional soundstaging. "
Reviewed by RH, Issue 198.

Disc Players Under $1000

"Joins the C 315 BEE integrated amplifier as the entry-level tandem in NAD's BEE line. In both cases the BEEs hold their own, revealing orchestral minutiae, dynamic thrills, and timbral details that would have escaped a sub-$300 player a short while ago. There's more bloom in the treble, although it's still on the dry side. Inner lines may not be as well-defined as higher-priced units, but the sonic delights of the C 515 BEE should make all listeners look long and hard at their options in the under-$1000 range."
Reviewed by NG, Issue 183.

Stereo Receivers, CD Receivers, and All-In-One Systems

"A 50Wpc DVD-receiver that is not only drop-dead gorgeous but features discrete amplifier output stages, a progressive-scan DVD player (with 1080i upscaling), and provisions for an XM module or iPod docking station. Sonically the VISO TWO hews to the NAD philosophy of top-notch dynamics and a tonal balance with a mellow character near the frequency extremes. "
Reviewed by NG, Issue 188.

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