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Stereophile Hear Bitstream Brilliance from M51 DAC

July 19, 2012

Renowned for highly detailed and comprehensive audio reviews of today’s most innovative audio gear, Stereophile hear how NAD’s M51 Direct Digital DAC remarkably replicates fine musical details, from rumbling bass to spatial character, in their latest equipment report. Applauded as one the best digital-to-analogue converters on the market, Jon Iverson of Stereophile was pleased to audition this state-of-the-art audio equipment.

Digital Analogue Converter

”The NAD M51 succeeds with a wonderfully detailed and revealing sound best described as honest, with a friendly smile. And it was a pleasure to listen to.”

”Nothing raised an eyebrow, and the claimed benefits in jitter rejection and filter design have obviously paid off.”

”All the musical detail was there, and it sounded as if there were more meat on the musical bones…”

”…the NAD revealed the music’s wholesome and well-appointed arrangements, which rock out in places but also sport acoustic guitars and harmonies galore.”

”…the NAD’s ability to handle rumbling bass and spatial character revealed a taut and capable DAC.”


For Stereophile’s full M51 Direct Digital DAC review, click here.

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2012-09-02 00:53
Rohit - Bras de sa

I had purchased the nad M55 digital disc player somewhere in late 2008 and immediately I had hdmi connectivity problem . I was told it was a software glitch and till date it remains unresolved .

Being a lover of hi fi I purchased the nad M25 multi channel amplifier and my one channel module is malfunctioning and still remains unresolved.

Being a die hard fan of nad I gave it one more chance to redeem itself I purchased the nad M51 and I have to report you guys have got it right this time.. Stereophile report is accurate.I purchased my nad M51 from Lakozy Mumbai.

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