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SoundStage Review NAD VISO HP50 Headphones

August 6, 2014

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SoundStage! Experience has reviewed NAD's first high-performance over-ear headphone, the NAD VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones, and said; "the Viso HP50s carry on the NAD tradition of solid performance and high value." A respected online source for audio and hi-fi news, SoundStage had a chance to experience the sound of the NAD VISO HP50s and were highly impressed by what they heard from the closed-back design.

Reviewer Andrea Sundaram conducted the review and she was very pleased with how accurate music sounded when listening to the HP50s, which features RoomFeel technology that allows for balanced playback just like listening to loudspeakers in a room.

"Most impressively for a closed-back design, the HP50s’ bass was very even and articulate."

"I could hear notes from the double basses fading into the acoustic of the hall more clearly than through most other headphones; bass drum and timpani also had room in which to breathe."

"While no closed-back headphones will sound as open as an open-back design, the HP50s sound more open than most."

"A significant amount of reverb is used to set the mood, and the HP50s put me into that artificially created ambience."

Read the full SoundStage review here.

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