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New DVD-CD Receivers

February 5, 2008

NAD Electronics announces the launch of their versatile VISO FIVE and VISO TWO all-in-one DVD/CD Receivers that combine high-performance HD picture, audio, FM/AM reception, as well as XM, DAB and iPod readiness.

The VISO components are as much about Industrial Design as they are about state-of-the-art audio and video performance. The visual language of VISO conveys both sculptural precision and refined elegance making a strong design statement. These products have a positive visual presence that simply demands attention!

The new VISO family delivers NAD separate component performance in compact designs for ease of placement and fully integrated operation. Both models deliver superb DVD picture quality in both interlaced and progressive scan modes with upscaling to 720p and 1080i resolution. NAD's VISO FIVE combines a DVD/CD player and 5.1 surround sound receiver while the VISO TWO is a DVD/CD player and 2.1 receiver model. Both feature an HDMI digital video output, and a simplified set-up process using the On Screen Display. and easy to operate illuminated learning remote control. The VISO FIVE offers the latest surround formats, including DVD-Audio with 24-bit/196-kHz resolution and full bass management. VISO TWO offers DVD-Audio for superb sound, as well as Dolby Virtual Speaker mode, which provides a convincing surround effect with only two front speakers, and Dolby Headphone mode, which provides a remarkable "holographic" surround effect when using headphones. Both units include a sensitive FM/AM tuner with 30-station preset memory, RDS capability, have an XM Ready input (or DAB input on 230v versions) and a rear-panel Data Port to accept NAD's optional new IPD-1 Dock for connecting an iPod.

VISO delivers its exceptional audio and video performance in part through the use of high-quality components, including high-resolution analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters from renowned manufacturer Crystal. They also only employ discrete amplifier output stages, as do NAD's many acclaimed amplifiers and receivers. Most products in this category use digital IC amplifier modules, which fail to meet even basic hi-fi specifications for noise and distortion.

The supplied NAD Remote Control makes running your A/V system straightforward and enjoyable. Pre-programmed codes allow the remote to operate virtually any TV, VCR, Satellite or Cable Tuner, and other IR-controlled devices. It's ability to learn the commands for up to eight different devices eliminates the clutter of multiple remotes, and its logical layout and illuminated keys make it easy to use regardless of whether a room is brightly lit or theatrically dark.


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