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NAD Wins EISA Award

September 29, 2006

EISA is the largest editorial multimedia organization in Europe, with a membership of 50 Audio, Mobile Electronics, Video and Photo magazines drawn from 20 European countries. At the end of June all EISAmember magazines come together in a European city for the most important meeting in the year—the elections of the European Awards. From all products introduced during the preceding twelve months, each panel must choose the best equipment in each category. One strength of EISA's European Awards is their flexible approach. The Awards categories, for example, are not recreated automatically every year. If the jury decides that, during the previous 12 months, and within a certain category, there have been introduced no new products that really deserve an Award, that category can be cancelled temporarily. On the other hand our juries are aware of the need to follow market conditions, so every year there is the opportunity to introduce new categories.

EISA Award - HT High-End System for the NAD Masters Series ( M55 / M15 / M25)

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Neil Wilson, Director - International Sales and Marketing receiving the EISA Award.

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