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NAD VISO 1 Wins SoundStage Product of the Year

January 2, 2013

iPod Speaker dock with the best sound - product of the year award

The NAD VISO 1 has won SoundStage! Network’s coveted 2012 Product of the Year Award for its outstanding performance in the 'iDevices and Related' category. From their lists of Reviewers' Choice, Great Buy, and Select Component recipients, SoundStage! editors choose Products of the Year across multiple product categories, and award them appropriately for their exceptional value and outstanding performance.

Listen to Doug Schneider and Colin Smith rave about NAD's highly versatile wireless digital music system:

"Last June, when Colin Smith reviewed NAD’s Viso 1 ($599) for SoundStage! Xperience, he called it an 'an astonishing sound machine, and an epic achievement for its product category.' He also felt it was a far better product than Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin, which costs the same and is considered by many to be a benchmark iPod dock. That kind of high praise deserves an award -- this award, for Product of the Year. But the fact that the NAD VISO 1 is as good as Colin said it was shouldn’t surprise; the folks at NAD have long been wizards with electronic circuitry, and they enlisted the help of PSB’s Paul Barton -- arguably one of the top five speaker designers in the world -- to help make the NAD VISO 1 sound as good as it does. Success, and then some."


For the full list of SoundStage! Product of the Year Awards, click here.

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