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NAD VISO 1 Grabs Serious Acclaim in Soundstage Review

June 4, 2012

Bluetooth Wireless Digital Music System for iPodOnce again, the NAD VISO 1 has picked up serious acclaim in its latest rave review, this time from Soundstage! Xperience, one of today's leading online publications for high-end audio and music. A clear favourite for Soundstage's Product of the Year awards, the NAD VISO 1 is described as an "astounding sound machine, and an epic achievement for its product category."

"Yes, you read that right: the NAD VISO 1 is based on the same Direct Digital technology as the M2, at one-tenth the price."

"As a purely digital device, the NAD VISO 1 does its own digital-to-analogue conversion of a connected device's output, be it a physically connected iPod, and optical (TosLink, which will accept up to 24/96 resolution) input, or a Bluetooth aptX wireless connection."

"The small drivers [two 2.75" almost-full-range aluminum-cone-and-dome speakers] are tasked with frequencies from 500Hz to 280kHz, while the sub [single 5.75" subwoofer] goes down to a claimed — and impressive — 33Hz at -6dB (50Hz at 1dB)."

"It offers a purity of sound that no reasonable person could have expected from an iPod dock."

"It wasn't the room-shaking bass you might experience with a full-size subwoofer and/or floorstanding speaker, but it was tight, tuneful, and beautifully clear. It was not wimpy."


For Soundstage! Xperience's full NAD VISO 1 review, click here.

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