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NAD VISO 1 Brings Five-Star Boom to Your Room

February 24, 2012

Best iPod Dock 5 stars

NAD VISO 1 Review: More Boom for Your Room

The clean, unassuming modern design disguises a thunderous roar - it's pretty clear that the NAD VISO 1 is more than just a mantlepiece. Consisting of dual full ranger drivers and one subwoofer, its pristine sound is carried to your ears with sureness of Alfred Pennyworth. Designed for the iPhone but supports Bluetooth A2DP supported devices, it carries the award-winning NAD proprietary Direct Digital amplifier tech. Displaying a wide treble range, crisp resonating highs and booming low frequences, the NAD VISO 1 sounds like a winner.

The Bluetooth connection was smart and easy to connect to (just tap the S button) with out laptops, which we appreciated. What we didn't quite get was hot there was no built-in volume indication. The availability of composite connections makes it suitable for a compact living room setup and gives the NAD VISO 1 added versatility. It also sounds its best when heard within living room distance.

The NAD VISO 1 will suprise you with its crystal clear acoustics, power, and versatility. It's hard to believe that you can obtain a huge sound of such calibre for the price. This is simply quality stuff.

"Roaring to be heard, this is one dock that really makes us get up and move like Jagger"



DRIVERS: 2.75-inch Full Range, 5.75-inch Subwoofer

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 33Hz - 28kHz (-6dB) Anechoic, 50Hz to 20K

IMPEDANCE: Bluetooth aptX, composite video, iPod dock

LOVE: High treble response, pill-shaped design for good acoustic reverb

HATE: No volume level indicator, no AirPlay.


For a full .pdf version of T3's NAD VISO 1 review, click here.

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