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NAD C 390DD from Digital Audio Review

August 14, 2012

A leading source for news and reviews on hi-fi equipment landing down under, John Darko's Digital Audio Review looks at what is putting the capital "D" in NAD's C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier, the latest NAD Direct Digital child that has audiophiles and digital natives rediscovering their music, in this glowing two-part review. 

Digital DAC Amplifier

"Moreover, the tonal qualities of the guitar squall and the precision of its placement made me sit up and pay strict attention."

"Again: more detail than I’d hitherto witnessed from any DAC-amp combination at this price point. More textural information too – a guitar string sounds closer to the real thing – and better spatial cues that improve soundstage depth and player location."

"The NAD again dug deep for detail and exposed the tonal delicacies of piano notes and guitar strings that sit behind Billy Bragg’s (sometimes) boorish vocal turns."

"Have you ever driven way out of the city an stood in awe of the sky on a clear night? All those stars – you never knew there could be so many. Such wonderment. That’s what listening to the NAD 390DD is like. Against the blackest of night sky backgrounds there is just so much to take in at once."

As a one-box solution NAD’s C390DD seals all the magic under one roof, where DAC and amplifier play as conjoined twins. There are no interconnects to ruin the party or blow out the budget."


For part one of John Darko's C 390DD review on Digital Audio Review, click here

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