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Masters Series Award

April 1, 2007


NAD Masters SeriesThe Winner

NAD Masters Series

Very few products get the Home Cinema Choice Reference Status badge; it guarantees that they set a standard of performance or design against which other products can be measured.

The NAD Masters Series represents a new revolution for the company's world-famous brand. After years spent in the making, these top-class separates ooze luxury and style, and offer an uncompromised performance.

The M55 Universal Disc Player features DVD-A and SACD compatibility, MP3, WMA and JPEG support, video upscaling up to 1080i, setup via onscreen menus, and superb performance. It's ideally matched to the THX Ultra 2-approved M15 AV Processor, which features eight digital audio inputs, zone 2 AV inputs, twin subwoofer outputs, IR repeaters and 12V triggers. Featuring twin 24bit DSP's and a specially-designed transformer, the masters is equally at home with blockbuster movies soundtracks or subtle dramas.

For real punch, though, you need to add the matching M25 7-channel Power Amplifier; a 44kg, meter-deep tank with 160W on all seven channels.

Put together, the Masters Series represents performance, simplicity and pride of ownership over flash, gimmicks and unnecessary features. Each Component has it's own merits, but together they are very much more then the sum of their parts. Awesome.


Visit the NAD Masters Series page.

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