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Join NAD at CEDIA EXPO 2010

September 20, 2010

You are invited to see what's new and exciting for NAD Electronics. We will be showcasing NAD's new Modular Design Construction (MDC) upgrade modules, plus much much more!

These highly anticipated upgrade modules feature the latest advancements in technology, raising the value of NAD's MDC-equipped AV receivers or processors. Look out for the new VM 150 with 3D video and HDMI 1.4, the VM 150X with loads of HDMI inputs, and the CM 200, which brings Control4 home automation to any MDC AV receiver.

Discover these and other new NAD products at CEDIA EXPO 2010. We hope to see you there!

When: September 23-26, 2010
Where: Georgia World Congress Center, Booth 3735, Atlanta, GA




Comments (5)

2010-11-08 20:40
William Lau - Malaysia

I am sharing with the right suggestion of Siluonag I. - Germany with regards to M2.
When NAD has the M2 mini (less power, same Stereophile recognised hifi sound quality, MDC, and no overheating issue), NAD can kill the market with right pricing.
Just do it!
I have been waiting to enjoy the M2 mini for over a year. (Simaudio Moon I3.3 amp is my next choice, if NAD cannot do it).

2010-10-16 16:53
Phil Tomaskovic

I hear the vm150 only has 3 hdmi and the vm150x will expand to have another 3 hdmi. So with my non-HD t785. I will have to get the vm150x in order to keep using my 4 hdmi connections I have now. If the cost of the vm150x is non-trivial, I won't even consider getting the vm150! Feedback for marketing...

2010-10-05 06:34
Siluonag I. - Germany

When will NAD offer a more budget version of the M2?
(possibly with half the power, fewer cosmetics, optional analogue section). Targetting just the higher market is in my mind wrong marketing.

2010-10-04 15:38
Stew - Colorado

Hey, How about a little something on the NAD website for those of us that couldn't make it to CEDIA? (which would be most of us). As a consumer that is in the market for high end audio I'd like to know what NAD has in the wings but I find your website rather uninformative.

2010-09-29 17:21
Sander Verbrugge - Russia

When will the CM 200 be availbale for the public? The home control automation is nice but will it be able to stream audio and will it support the FLAC codec? Is there any indication of price?

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