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Introducing NAD AVR Remote App

April 23, 2013

Take NAD A/V receivers to the next limit with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with the all-new NAD Remote App. The NAD Remote App, available for free download from the Apple App Store, is the first of its kind from NAD and allows you to easily control your network-connected NAD receiver.

Reinventing the traditional NAD remote control with a beautiful and intuitive user experience, the remote app automatically discovers network-connected receivers and walks you through controlling and adjusting basic functions including power, volume, and source selection, to fully customising home theatre setups with Audyssey room equalization.

Multi-screen modes allow you to control the receiver from anywhere in the room, or run up to five different music zones from any room in the house. Music zones can be added while walking from room to room effortlessly with a touch of your iOS device, even control radio stations in each zone with tuner control.

Forget about tedious on-screen typing. Utilize the powerful iOS keyboard for naming without using a display to quickly and easily customise the name of each source and spend less time setting fussing with directional keys.

Supported models include: T 765, T 777, T 785, T 175, T 777, T 787, T 187, M15 HD, M15 HD2, and T 757.

*May require a firmware update for the use of this application. Please check the latest firmware by following your owner’s manual.

To download the NAD Remote App from the App Store, click here.

Comments (2)

2014-06-14 15:08
Don Hampton - USA-Texas

I also would very much like to see the A/V remote app for Android

2014-01-12 17:11
Robin A. Jensen - Denmark

It's a really cool app. espacially for NAD T757, but more cool it would be, if the also was available for Android.
It would be more easy to control Surround level, while watching TV and the reciever only are used for sound purpose.

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