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Indonesian-Audio Video Magazine Review NAD VISO 1

April 13, 2012

iPod  Speaker Dock

Audio Video, one of Indonesia's leading information sources for home electronics and entertainment, reviews today's leading smart music system equipped with state-of-the-art aptX Bluetooth technology, NAD's award-winning NAD VISO 1 Wireless Digital Music System. Winning over international reviewers and critics with its low frequency response and clean, detailed sound, left reviewer David Susilo to say this about NAD's Bluetooth, music-loving brute:

"The NAD VISO 1 isn't just an iPod dock, it's the only iPod dock that not only works as a docking station, but it can also be used as a studio mastering unit with a digital/optical input complete with a built-in 35-bit/844kHz DAC..."

"Even better news, transferring music from a iPod is purely digital and directly fed to the internal DAC in 35-bit/844kHz resolution."

"If we prefer using a wireless system, NAD VISO 1 also has aptX Bluetooth Wireless technology that is high fidelity and compatible with any Bluetooth device."

"So it's not just for iPod, iPhone and iPad, but can also work with Android OS, Mac OS, Windows OS, Linux OS, and also the stepdaughter, Blackberry OS!"

"The amplification system uses the exact same design as NAD's M2 Direct Digital Amplifier ($6,000) that is not only very accurate, but also very economical in power consumption as well."


For a full .pdf version of David Susilo and Audio Video's NAD VISO 1 review, click here.

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