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HiFidelity Go Digital With C 390DD

March 5, 2012

C390DD Digital Amplifier

Being compared to NAD's state-of-the-art M2 Direct Digital Amplifier and quickly ranking up in hi-fi and speciality shops across the globe, NAD's C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier has recently received critical acclaim from HiFidelity, one of Netherlands's premier high-end audio magazines for Dutch audio enthusiasts. The below republished English-translated quotes are excerpts from HiFidelity's full review in their latest publication.

“In my particular situation, a narrow-band correction of -4dB around 60Hz and -2dB around 240Hz, is sufficient to nicely even out bass-response. So nice in fact that I will miss the C 390DD after the reviewing period just because of this.”

“…the neutral character of the C 390DD is apparent, no emphasis in the bass, over-present mid-range, or shy treble. The family traits and DNA with the M2 are abundantly present…”

“As the C 390DD is so clean, one can play louder than usual without the irritation of edginess, distortion or clogging of the sound image. Whatever it is I choose to play, the overall impression doesn’t change. Clean, fast, but not exaggeratedly so, tight and always free from the speakers."

"So I stream a bit more continually to enjoy both pop, classical and jazz. Bringing forth the conclusion that the NAD C 390DD is as extraordinary in its price range as is the M2 in its range..."


For a full Dutch version of HiFidelity's C 390DD review online, click here.

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