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Hi-Fi World Review Pocket-Playing NAD VISO 1

February 29, 2012

NAD VISO 1 iPod Dock Speaker system

Noel Keywoord, editor of today's leading independently owned hi-fi publications in Britian, Hi-Fi World, reaches into today's wireless music system category to pull out the award-winning NAD VISO 1 Wireless Digital Music System for their latest review. Highlighting several key features, including aptX Bluetooth wireless technology, Hi-Fi World examines every aspect of NAD's wireless digital music system and says:

"The NAD VISO 1 had a large, easy sound..."

"...it is a quality iPhone/iPod dock that tries its hardest to mimic a full scale hi-fi, without any of the paraphernalia — especially wires — of high fidelity as we know it."

"Take out your iPhone as I did (for real this time!), press Play and music issues forth from the NAD VISO 1 even if you are in another room."

"The NAD VISO 1 does demonstrate a great way to use any portable player — as a personal source. It's like having a CD Player in your pocket..."

"The rear carries an optical digital input (TOSLINK) so a Mac Mini can be linked in, acting as a music server."

"...(music) plays through the NAD VISO 1's on-board 24/96 DAC, fitted to utilise the digital audio output of an iPod or iPhone, rather than its analogue output, for better audio quality."


Stay tuned for a full version of Hi-Fi World's NAD VISO 1 review! 

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