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Hi-Fi Choice Recommend Five-Star NAD C 356BEE

September 21, 2012

Sitting at the forefront of audiophile journalism for over thirty years now, Hi-Fi Choice deliver a well-deserved, five-star review for NAD's C 356BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier and top it off with their coveted "Recommended Award" in their latest edition. With a classic black look and audiophile-grade technology as versatile as today's music listeners, Hi-Fi Choice had an earful of vast power, great drive, fulsome bass and musicality, and a healthy feature list.

"There's a wide range of facilities - six inputs plus a proper tape monitor, tone controls and switchable speaker sets. A 3.5mm minijack front panel input is fitted, plus a 6.3mm headphone out."

C 356 Wins HiFi Choice 5 Star - Amplifier

"The first bar of the first phrase of the Vivaldi was all that was required to tell we were on to something good, as a lovely rich, full bodied string tone emerged from the speakers, set within a clearly delineated, very spacious and deep soundstage."

"The panel [of editors] loved the great groove the amp got the music into, and the way it was bristling with detail across the midband, but never tonally harsh."

"Unsurprisingly, it was special with electronic music, too. We heard VCMG suddenly sounding vast and powerful, as if we'd been transported to some live rave somewhere back in the nineteen nineties."


For more on Hi-Fi Choice's latest recommended five-star amplifier, look for their November cover-date issue available on newsstands now throughout the UK and Éire.

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