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Hi-Fi Choice Get Wild with NAD VISO 1

February 29, 2012

NAD VISO 1 iPod  Dock Speaker system

Hi-Fi Choice, one of Britian's leading audio publications and guides for today's audio enthusiasts, have their audiophile attitude and expertise checked at the door in their latest review of the hard-hitting, iPod-playing, NAD VISO 1 Wireless Digital Music System. As today's leading wireless Smart Music™ systems, Hi-Fi Choice calls the award-winning NAD VISO 1, "a big hitting music maker with oodles of attitude", but that's not all Hi-Fi Choice had to say!

"Large and imposing, the NAD VISO 1 features a particularly nice docking section, which clamps down on the top of hte iPod for best support and also allows it to be rotated through 90 degress..."

"...the significant distinguishing feature here is the inclusion of Bluetooth wireless technology with aptX enhanced audio coding, the highest quality audio transmission available via Bluetooth."

"...it's a lot better than standard Bluetooth and allows wireless connection of all kinds of music-playing phones and tablet computers, not just Apple but Android and Windows too."

"There's certainly plenty of volume on offer here, and bass extension is impressive."

"More of a party animal than a subtle hi-fi device, the NAD VISO 1 is a big hitting music maker with oodles of attitude — many will love it for this reason alone."


Stay tuned for a full version of Hi-Fi Choice's NAD VISO 1 review!

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