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Five-star D 3020 Amplifier Review in What Hi-Fi

April 14, 2014

five-star review

The sound experts at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision award the NAD D3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier with five stars in their latest review, the British magazine's highest acclaim. It's not often stereo amplifiers receive the attention of the leading hi-fi magazines and audio enthusiasts alike but What Hi-Fi say the D 3020 is unlike all other amps in its class.

"A truly hybrid stereo amplifier, the D 3020 is an inviting prospect for anyone whose sole music system is a laptop of smartphone and has been too intimated to join the world of hi-fi."

"It's a delightful, toe-tapping performance that really communicates the essence of the song."

"It attempts to deliver the best possible performance it can, and that's what makes the NAD such a likeable amplifier."

"Whether you're looking for a budget way to play your digital music, or want to take that first plunge into hi-fi armed with just a smartphone, the D 3020 is the ideal machine to drive your tunes."

Read the full review in the May 2014 edition of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

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